Each year, 12-14,000 babies are born in Jacksonville. To celebrate the arrival of its newest residents while demonstrating the City’s commitment to building a culture that shares and encourages their dreams, the City of Jacksonville is launching What I Can Be from A to Z.

Nearly 40 pages of colorful children’s artwork, depicting careers and professions that correspond to an alphabet letter, the A to Z book, complete with a poem for parents to read aloud, will be distributed to every baby born in a Jacksonville hospital.  Described as “a promising journey for Jacksonville’s youngest citizens,” the book supports early learning and literacy efforts – key areas of focus for the City’s Jax Journey program relaunched by Mayor Curry in 2015 to improve public safety, youth education and enrichment, and crime intervention strategies.

Dreams Should Come True In Every Zip Code

mayor lenny currt
Mayor Lenny Curry
In Jacksonville, despite a robust, globally and competitive economy that generates significant opportunity and wealth, a child born in the bottom 20% of the economic spectrum has less than a 5% chance of significantly improving their lot in life. (Network for Southern Economic Mobility)
Few persons would argue that every child deserves an opportunity for a bright future. Contributing to such success is the accessibility of a quality education. Statistics and research support that children born in low- and moderate- income families face greater barriers in achieving educational opportunities that contribute to their success.
Mayor Curry, upon election in 2015, committed to strengthening and supporting programs and practices that invest in children and create better pathways and opportunities for families throughout Jacksonville. A few of the programs and initiatives he has introduced include efforts that support environments where children can live in safer communities; thrive in neighborhoods that promote enrichment and economic development; have access to information and resources that promote health and well-being; receive quality education opportunities; and benefit from career development pathways and supports.

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