Mayor Curry on Fox News

Mayor on Crime: Crime Fighting Initiatives are Working but More Needs to be Done

September 09, 2020
“One of the current areas which has had unfortunately high murder rates, Northside Bridges tomorrow will have gone 100 days without a murder. which demonstrates success in that area.” Curry said.  

The Mayor said the Noah’s ark area went 90 days without a murder at one point.  

While the Mayor sees that as a success in those communities, he admits criminals could be pushed elsewhere.  

“It appears violence has moved to other parts of the City which I am told by law enforcement experts that happens. When you hit a spot and you put resources into it, many times those creating the violence move to another spot.” Curry said.

Overall, violent crime is up in Jacksonville, about 5 percent, and homicide numbers are on the rise.  

In 2020, 97 homicides, compared to 79 at this time last year.  

Curry said the pandemic is partially to blame.  

“Our violence disrupters, Cure Violence, for a period of time weren’t in there disrupting violence. even though it is up this year, it’s been too high for too long.” Curry said.