Developing adolesent brains are already more vulnerable to anxiety and mood issues. Nicotine, found in more than 95% of vape juices, makes young people more anxious now, keeps them anxious for longer, and make dealing with anxiety disorders more difficult.

Nicotine is so bad for us that it starts to damage young brains after just one hit.

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Vaping is bad for you 

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The chemicals used to add flavor to vape juices often make people feel sick and even throw up. Even if you avoid the more than 7,000 flavored vape juices out there you're not safe. The glycerol/glycerin that can make up 50% of that liquid causes nausea and vomiting, while nicotine is known to make people "nic sick."

These chemicals damage your body, and that damage can linger long after you stop feeling sick.

Your brain continues developing until you are about 25 years old. Thanks to the nicotine, formaldehyde, lead and other chemicals commonly found in vape mist, vaping changes brain cell activity in the parts of your brain responsibile for memory, attention and learning.

Literally, the more you vape the less your brain can cope with life, and the less it can accomplish in the future.