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Does my business qualify to be a JSEB?

In order for a business to qualify for the JSEB program they must demonstrate that they meet all the requirements of section 126.608 (c) including, but not limited to, residency, personal net worth, ownership, control, and independence. Learn more about the JSEB certification process at

How long is the JSEB application process?

We conduct a thorough review of each applicant in determining whether his or her firm meets the standards of Section 126.609. Our office makes eligibility determinations for JSEB certification within ninety (90) days of receiving all information required. You may review the ordinance code that governs the program at Section 126 Part A and Part B.

How long are JSEB certifications valid?

JSEB certifications are valid for one (1) year.

Can my application be notarized in the JSEB Office?

No, you will need to have your forms notarized before turning them in to the JSEB office.

Can my application be processed as a high priority if I am trying to bid on an upcoming project?

The JSEB Office reviews certifications on a first come, first serve basis. While efforts may be made to accommodate an applicant’s issue, it is incumbent on the applicant to submit all the information needed in a timely manner.

Does my JSEB certification remain in effect while I am going through the re-certification process?

JSEBs must submit their continuing eligibility affidavits and supporting documentation at least ninety (90) days before certification expires to ensure continued eligibility. Affidavits received prior to expiration will ensure continued eligibility until a final determination has been rendered.

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How does a JSEB Vendor receive continuing education for re-certification?

JSEBs are required to attend continuing education classes each year prior to their recertification. For specific information, visit the JSEB Education Program web page.

Can continuing education classes that I am required to complete because of my trade or license be used to fulfill my JSEB education requirements?

No.  Additional information can be found at Continuing Education Requirements.

What happens if I do not complete my continuing education point requirements prior to my JSEB renewal date?

Failure to complete the continuing education requirements may result in a firm being denied re-certification in the JSEB program. As such, these situations are reviewed by our office on a case by case basis.

If I am certified as a DBE or MBE through a state or federal agency, am I also certified by the City of Jacksonville as a JSEB?

No, these three types of certifications are separate and distinct programs.

Where can I find bidding opportunities for JSEBs?

Bidding opportunities can be found at the below websites: Additional bidding opportunities can be found in JaxPro.

Does the JSEB Office assist people with starting new businesses?

No. Our staff does not provide assistance or give advice related to starting a business. Our role begins after a business has been established. Agencies that may be able to assist you with your questions and needs are the SBA of Northeast Florida and the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce Small Business Center.

SBA - North Florida District Office
7825 Baymeadows Way - Suite 100B
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone: (904) 443-1900

FSBDC at the University of North Florida
12000 Alumni Drive
Jacksonville Fl. 32224-2677
Phone ( 904) 620-2476

Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce
Small Business Center
3 Independent Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 366-6618

Beaver Street Enterprise Center
1225 West Beaver Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
Phone: (904) 265-4700