Building Codes Adjustment Board

The Building Codes Adjustment Board is comprised of nine voting members appointed by Council for staggered three-year terms. Officers include the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary. This Board meets on the second Thursday of each month at 4 p.m. in Conference Room 101, Jake Godbold Building, 407 N. Laura St.  (Meeting times and locations are subject to change). Beginning in March 2012, meetings will be held at 128 West Forsyth Street in the Florida Theatre, 7th floor.

The Board hears and votes on variances from the Standard Building Code, the Standard Fire Code, the Standard Plumbing Code, the Standard Electrical Code, as well as appeals of citations by the Property Safety Division under Chapter 518 (Property Safety and Maintenance Code), of the city's Municipal Code. A quorum consists of five Board members. The Fire Marshall or his designee, the Chief of the Building and Zoning Inspection Division, as well as a representative(s) from the Property Safety Division are required to attend meetings, but do not vote.

For information about the Building Codes Adjustment Board, call (904) 255-7000.

For BCAB membership list, click here.