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The City of Jacksonville recognizes the benefits of providing citizens with information about its goals, priorities and activities. With accurate, consistent and relevant information, effective communications practices can lead to widespread public acceptance and engagement. The Public Affairs Office is responsible for overseeing the execution and monitoring of communications efforts by establishing messages and procedures, and utilizing vehicles and mediums that increase public awareness and understanding.

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Mayoral Correspondence

Mayor Lenny Curry is committed to bringing the community together as One City, One Jacksonville. To achieve this, he seeks to engage citizens in communities throughout Jacksonville to learn more about their needs, interests and priorities. Persons interested in requesting or sharing information with the mayor can write to him at City Hall at St. James, Suite 400, 117 W. Duval St. Jacksonville, FL, 32202, or submit an email to

Mayoral Letters and Proclamations

Every day in Jacksonville, citizens and local organizations work effortlessly to bring Jacksonville to life through their dedicated service to the community. Ceremonial letters and proclamations from Mayor Lenny Curry may be requested recognizing these efforts and milestones such as anniversaries, observations, community outreach and more. 

Learn more about mayoral letters and proclamations, review guidelines or make a request

Media Relations

Working collaboratively with local and national news media, the Public Affairs Office informs and educates citizens about citywide initiatives and activities. Media relations efforts include distribution of media advisories and news releases alerting media of substantial events, programs and initiatives. If you would like to receive news releases and media advisories from the Public Affairs Office, you may register online to be added to our email list.

Photography & Videography

Photo and video outreach are utilized to provide citizens visual awareness of the many events, programs and initiatives taking place throughout Jacksonville. In addition to public awareness, the photography and videography team work to capture the history, diversity and vibrancy of our city.

Social Media

Through social media, the Public Affairs Office engages citizens directly to share information about citywide activities, programs and campaigns. Citizens are encouraged to follow the City of Jacksonville through a variety of social media platforms utilized by the City to share ideas, concerns and information exchange. 

Check out a full listing of City of Jacksonville social media platforms


man holding up my one thing sign that says natureThe Public Affairs Office develops and launches a variety of campaigns to build citizen awareness and engagement in events, programs and initiatives occurring throughout the City. The following are several marketing campaigns the City has developed to promote and highlight many of the amenities and offerings residents enjoy.

MY ONE THING: The “My One Thing” social media campaign offers citizens throughout Jacksonville the opportunity to share one thing they love about our city. Whether it’s the people, natural beauty, parks, arts scene or more, there’s a lot to love about Jacksonville. Learn more about the "My One Thing" social media campaign and participate.
mayor curry runs with school children
 The Journey to One is a citywide health initiative to provide, strengthen and bolster initiatives that improve personal and community health throughout Jacksonville. Improving health is a journey. When faced with daily choices, people can find the process overwhelming and difficult. It is critical that we understand that each day is an opportunity to build a pattern of healthier choices. Learn more about Journey to One.
city employee manning thefight blight booth at an event
: The City of Jacksonville's Fight Blight initiative focuses on improving the quality of life in neighborhoods throughout the city. Blight threatens public safety, lowers property values and erodes quality of life. Citizens of Jacksonville are encouraged to help fight blight by reporting litter, illegal dumping and other incidents of blight to the City using a variety of available resources and tools including 630-CITY, and the My Jax App. Learn more about the Fight Blight initiative and how to help.ALL IN DUVAL LOGO

ALL IN DUVAL: Public safety is a top priority for Mayor Curry. That commitment extends from support for police and fire as they protect and serve, to ensuring that our roadways are safe for all travelers. Everyone in Jacksonville plays a role in improving the safety of our roadways. From bicyclists and pedestrians to motorcyclists and drivers, we all share a responsibility to contribute to a safer community for all travelers. Learn more about how you can share the road, and share responsibility.

Public Records Requests

The City of Jacksonville, its departments and its independent agencies support the Florida 'Government in the Sunshine' laws, designed to provide transparency and openness in government operations. The Florida law on 'Public Records' may be found in its entirety in Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes. For information about public records requests, please visit Public Records Request: Government in the Sunshine.


For public records and document requests, please contact Craig Feiser, Esq., (904) 255-5052, For interviews and all other media inquiries, contact


Here are some ways to request a public record:

  • Call 630-CITY (904-630-2489) to file the request. The requester will be provided a tracking number to allow them to check the status of their request. 
  • File the request using the online system for 630-CITY. The requester will be provided a tracking number to allow them to check the status of their request.
  • Fax the request to (904) 255-4968.

For more information on Public Records Requests, click here.


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