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2020 Bulletins

Bulletin M-01-20

Subject: Property Owner Request for Inspection Exemption for Replacement of One- and Two-family HVAC Equipment – Updated Process and Request Form

Effective Date: February 10, 2020

Summary: In accordance with Florida Statute 553.80(3)(b), one- and two-family home owners may request an exemption of the required inspections for the replacement of existing electrical HVAC for projects that cost less than $5,000.  Please note there is no fee for this request.

This Exemption Request form can be obtained by emailing Ricky Weeks ( or Rafeal Grundy ( in the Mechanical Inspection section of the Building Inspection Division. The new Exemption Request form (revised 1/28/2020) must be used to make an inspection exemption request for any permit pulled after February 10, 2020.

Bulletin L-01-20

Subject: Use of Arborist Letters for Tree Removal per Part 12 of the Municipal Code

Effective Date: Immediately

When submitting verification from a Certified Arborist to exempt trees from replacement and/or mitigation in accordance with Sec. 656.1205(b) and 656.1206(g)(1), the letter must be provided at the time of submitting the permit application and prior to the removal of the trees that are the subject of the letter. Arborist letters submitted for the exemption of trees after the trees have been removed do not meet the intent of these subsections and will not be accepted.