In order to continually improve the permitting process, the following permit guidelines are now in effect for mobile homes. 
  1. Creating A Permit / Number:
    1. Log into your Permit Application at, with your user Name (company ID#) and Password.
    2. Start a Mobile Home permit by clicking “Mobile Home” (on the left side of the page)  under Permits > Add.
    3. The permit will begin in “Temporary” status with no permit number assigned.
    4. The first time you ‘click’ “Save”, a permit number will be generated.
    5. Click “Save” after you have completed each Tab.
    6. Complete the first four tabs of the permit, (ID, Property, Overview, and Spec).
  2. ID Tab – Project Contact:
    1. Complete the following fields:  Project Contact, Ownership and Workers Comp.  Since correspondence is by email, a valid email address is required in the “Name field” of the ‘Project Contact’ section. Type your name and email address, i.e. Your Name /
  3. Property Tab - Validating An Address:
    1. Complete the ‘Address Validated’ section and Mobile Home Park section (if applicable).
    2. To attain the address, it is helpful to enter a ‘wildcard search’.  Type part of the street name then click ‘Validate”.
    3. Select the box for proper address, confirming correct Street Name, also Direction and Unit Number (if applicable), then ‘click’ “Set Address”.
    4. Click in the box if the Mobile Home will be in a park and fill in the park name.
  4. Overview Tab - Overview:
    1. Complete the following fields:  Brief Description of Work; Job Cost; Payment Method; the ‘Proposed Use’ will be Residential; Structure Type; Type of Improvement; and Mobile Home Details, (if Triple Wide include 3rd VIN # with the VIN #2 cell, i.e. XX000000 / XX000000.
  5. Spec Tab - Specifications:
    1. Complete the following fields:  ‘Mechanical and Electrical’, ‘Plumbing’, ‘Dimensions’ and ‘Residential – Single Family’.
  6. Prereq Tab - Required Agency Approvals:
    1. Check Req box to see if Property is an ASH site (EPA) or Health-Septic (system).
    2. Check to see if Property is in a Flood Zone.
  7. Upload Tab - Uploading Documents:
    1. The BID Electronic Plan Review component will only accept PDF files, when the status is “Temporary” or “Return for Corrections”.
    2. Upload files from your computer using the ‘Browse / Choose File’ button.
    3. All similar pages must be combined into a single document.  For example, ten site plans are to be submitted as one-ten page PDF, not ten single PDF’s.
    4. Place the files in the appropriate folders, using the drop-down menu, in the “Folder” column as indicated below:
      1. Property Survey and Site Plan – upload in the Site Plans folder.
      2. Floor plan - upload in the Architectural folder.
      3. Health Department Certificate - upload in the Other folder.
      4. Approved Installation Products - upload in the Product Approval Sheets folder.
      5. Set-Up Data For Manufactured Home Installation - upload in the Other folder.
      6. Blocking Plan - upload in the Structural folder.
      7. Penetrometer and Torque Probe Test Results - upload in the Other folder.
      8. Aesthetic and Architectural Review Worksheet and Flow Chart -  upload in the Other folder.
  8. Printable Docs Tab - Printing The Permit Application:
    1. From the ‘Printable Docs’ tab, print out a copy of the completed permit application, by selecting ‘Permit Application’ from the list.
    2. After the Property Owner / Agent and Sign Contractor signatures are notarized on the printed copy of the application, upload (as a PDF) into the Permit Application folder.  Note: If Agent signs for Property Owner, provide a notarized Letter of Agency or a Power of Attorney, from the Property Owner (upload in the Correspondence folder).
  9. Submit for Approval Button - Submitting The Permit:
    1. After all documents are uploaded, Click ‘Submit for Approval’ button.  When the permit has been properly submitted, on the first submission, the permit status will change from ‘Temporary’ to ‘Waiting’.  On subsequent submissions, the permit status will change from ‘Return for Corrections’ to ‘In Review’.
Beginning 4/29/20, the Mayor and City Council established a moratorium of certain permit fees to assist the relief and recovery efforts of Jacksonville.
  1. Payment:
    1. Log into your profile to pay the permit fee at
    2. The permit will be displayed in the ‘Company Action Required’ section of the Welcome Screen.  To pay the permit fee from ‘My Profile’, select the tab titled ‘Fees‘.  Check the box to the left of the item(s) you wish to pay.  Select “Credit Card/e-Check”, then click ‘Proceed’.  After following the prompts through the payment process, the permit status will change to ‘Active’.
  2. Upload Tab - Printing of Documents:
    1. Log into your profile to print documents:
    2. After the permit is in “Active” status, click on the “Upload” tab to print out the stamped plans.  ‘Click’ on the “Current” submission folder (box with a plus), then ‘click’ on the folder (box with a plus), then ‘click’ on the document name.  The document will open in your local PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader.
    3. Print out the document from your PDF reader, or save to a portable storage device, so it can be printed elsewhere.
    4. A complete set of stamped permit documents must be onsite for all inspections. Printed permit documents must be to scale and a minimum size of 8-1/2” x 11”.