About Us

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services serves diverse populations of all ages and abilities through recreation activities and programs, conservation and marine resources, Sports & Entertainment,  
senior services, social services, disabled services and extension services.

The department provides the day to day management and oversight for one of the largest, diverse, and unique urban park systems in the nation with over 400 park and recreational sites within the city limits consisting of a variety of parks, open spaces, trails, athletic programs and facilities, community and senior centers, beaches, golf courses, aquatic facilities, boat and kayak launches, nature preserves, along with an amphitheater, arboretum and an equestrian center. Recreation programs and activities are available year-round for our park users of all ages and abilities.

In our Jacksonville parks, there is always something to do, see, and experience daily!

Another important function of the department is serving those most in need through our Senior, Disabled and Social Services Divisions. We provide day to day support for the populations most in need of these critical services. For those in need of any of these services, we are here for you.

We provide training and support to our professionals and volunteers that are part of our agricultural and landscaping industry by providing agricultural education through our Duval County Extension office. If you are in need of these services, we can help.

Are you interested in enhancing any of our parks or programming in Duval County? If you are interested, we have a Parks Partnership Program designed to promote private support of our City's expansive park system.  For more information, email us at jaxparks@coj.net for more information. Click below to view the JaxParks Amenities Catalog and Pricing Guide:
JaxParks Amenities Catalog
JaxParks Amenity Pricing (Last Updated May 2017)

Click here to view a full list of Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department fees.

Director - Daryl Joseph; djoseph@coj.net; (904) 255-7907
Chief, Recreation Programming - Keith Meyerl; (904) 255-7919; KMeyerl@coj.net
Acting Chief, Natural and Marine Resources- Jill Enz; (904) 255-7907; JEnz@coj.net
Chief, Disabled Services - Kara Tucker; (904) 255-5471; KaraT@coj.net
Chief, Social Services - Johnnetta Moore; (904) 255-3322; JMoore@coj.net
Chief, Senior Services - Gloria Crawford; (904) 255-5401; GCrawford@coj.net
Chief, Sports & Entertainment - Ryan Ali, (904) 255-5421, AliR@coj.net
Permits - Sandy Jones; (904) 255-7930; jsandra@coj.net