How to determine the amount you owe for parking in our facilities:

Look at the entrance time stamped on your spitter ticket. When you leave, take the current time on this invoice and subtract the entrance time. This will give you the number of hours you owe. The fee schedule below gives the hourly rate.

Enclose your payment and spitter ticket in the envelope provided. You may pay in person or mail your invoice to any Tax Collector's Office.

  • Up to ONE hour — $1.00
  • Up to TWO hours — $ 2.00
  • Up to THREE hours — $ 3.00
  • Up to FOUR hours — $ 4.00
  • Up to FIVE hours — $ 5.00
  • Up to SIX hours — $ 6.00
  • Over SIX hours — $ 7.00
If the spitter ticket is lost, the maximum daily rate applies. After 30 calendar days, an additional 50% late fee late fee is added. After 60 days unpaid the late fee will be double the original fee (example: a $1.00 fee will now be $2.00, a $7.00 fee will now be $14.00, etc. If further collection efforts are required, an additional collection fee of 40% of the entire balance due will be added.