The Public Investment Policy provides a framework for the Office of Economic Development (OED) to determine the amount and type of public investment available to a company.  The policy is an objective, fact-based tool the OED can use to approach economic development in a consistent, judicious and accountable manner.  The policy consists of a number of different programs, each with their own requirements. Some of the programs are location-based, industry-based, and/or wage-based. Projects eligible for public investment must create economic-based jobs. Economic-based jobs are jobs created by companies that export value-added goods and services and import new money (from outside the area) into the local economy.  

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Public Investment Compliance at a Glance

Active Projects

Bill Number

Project Cyclone 2020-0259
Project Skateboard 2020-0242
Project Academy 2020-0241
Cantor Fitzgerald (Project Kodiak) 2020-0226
Project Graph 2020-0138
CMC Steel US, LLC 2020-0095
Goodrich Corporation (AKA Collins Aerospace/ FKA Project Turtle) 2020-0094
Eagle LNG Partners 2019-0844
AA Auto Parts, Inc.* 2019-0652
DPC JAX, LLC*  2019-0651
FIS (Project Sharp) 2019-0596
SoFi (Project Quail) 2019-0491
SS&C Technologies (Project Liberty) 2019-0377
Preferred Freezer Services  2019-0086
UPS (Project Danville) 2019-0037
1748 Bakehouse 2018-0858
Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc. (Project Flamingo) 2018-0828
LaRose Industries LLC (Project Buckeye) 2018-0697
Wayfair, Inc. (Project Empire) 2018-0663
Bonelli Enterprises-SE, LLC (Project Glass) 2018-0662
Ecoco Jax LLC (Project Blaze) 2018-0338
Rayonier Advanced Materials (Project Grid) 2018-0519
Grace Aerospace 2018-0286
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (Project Cart) 2018-0223
Selene Finance, Inc. (Project Moon) 2018-0184
Jinko Solar (U.S.) Inc. 2018-0149
USA Quartz 2017-0800
McKesson Corporation (Project Milan) 2017-0474
Four Fathers Distillery 2017-0448
9th & Main Street 2017-0377
Macquarie Global Services II (Project Shuffle) 2017-0388
Availity (Project Avalanche) 2017-0290
USG Corporation (Project Velocity) 2017-0289
Mixon Studios 2017-0018
Formativ Health (Project Green) N/A
River City Crossing 2016-0791
UPS (Project Mountain) 2016-0700
Amazon II (Project Velo) 2016-0654
Campers Inn* 2016-0655
Safariland, LLC II* 2016-0653
Hans-Mill Corp.* 2016-0403
Mercedes-Benz USA (Project Grace)* 2016-0402
Amazon I (Project Rex)* 2016-0285
City Facilities Management LLC (Project Star) 2016-0197
Ernst & Young (Project Omega) 2016-0128
Kraft Heinz Foods Company 2016-0059
KLS Martin Manufacturing (Project Arnica) 2016-0058
Resource Solutions FL, Inc. 2015-0833
SunGard Data Systems (Project Revere) 2015-0780
Deutsche Bank 2015 2015-0544
Macquarie Global Services I (Project Post) 2015-0446
Metal Container Corp 2015-0395
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc II 2015-0332
Fanatics, Inc 2015-0267
Safariland, LLC I 2015-0257
Microtek Medical (Division of Ecolab, Inc) 2014-0749
General Electric (Project Speed) 2014-0551
Selene Finance, LP 2014-0334
Centene Management Company, LLC 2014-0243
Adecco Group North America 2014-0229
Advent Software 2013-0758
JA-RU 2013-0711
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc I 2013-0521
SunGard AvantGard 2013-0286
The Bruss Company (Original project approved in 2011.  See below.) 2013-0245
Deutsche Bank 2013 2013-0183
L & J Diesel 2012-0682
Deutsche Bank 2012 2012-0487
The Bruss Company 2011-0728
Medtronic Xomed 2011-0485
EverBank 2011-0368
Embraer Aircraft 2011-0020
SAFT America 2009-0654
River City Marketplace 2004-0274
Flagler Interchange 1999-0452
Southeast Toyota 1999-0115
* project located in Northwest Jacksonville   



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