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Main Content Our staff investigates reports regarding pollution events or activities by others. We address discharge of pollutants to storm drains, ditches, rivers or creeks; over-flowing manholes or pump stations; uncontrolled erosion from land clearing activities or pumping of muddy water into creeks, storm drains, or ditches; and fish kills in natural bodies of water (not stormwater ponds). While the branch has a goal of responding to complaints within 24 hours, many investigations are conducted on the same day as the complaint is received.

Compliance Assistance
Our staff enforces the rules and standards contained in JEPB Rules 3 and 7, in order to protect the quality of water for all citizens in Duval County. We can provide information on the Rules and answer questions concerning their applicability. The Rules basically cover the areas of wastewater facilities (permitting, operation and regionalization), pump stations, stormwater ponds, wells (construction and location), water quality standards, and water pollution.