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Jacksonville Has Largest Urban Park System in US

December 17, 2020
With the largest urban park system in the entire nation, visitors can experiance the ultimate coastal eco-adventure in jax! Start exploring!

Choosing the right container for the type of waste you handle is crucial. Improper selection or inappropriate use of the container can drastically shorten its life. It can also be a potential hazard for humans and the environment. For example, hauling dense and acidic waste in a light and an unlined container can cause permanent structural damage. Be it industrial activity, disaster clean-ups, building projects or demolition jobs, the waste produced needs the appropriate containers. Business also need to have waste reduction strategies in place.


Types of Waste Containers

Heavy industries such as construction and oil and gas produce large amounts of solid, liquid and gaseous waste, which could be hazardous. Demolition jobs and agricultural activities on the other hand produce non-hazardous waste. Choose the containers from the list below based on the application.

Roll-off containers/boxes. They are generally used to haul hazardous and non-hazardous liquids or dry and solid waste. The roll-off containers come with a canvas tarp, poly top or steel hardtop. They can be easily rolled-off on-site by the truck. Once the box is filled up, the truck can pick up and carry it back to the waste processing or disposal site, landfill or recycling unit. These boxes are easy to roll on and off the truck using a hydraulic arm and hook lift mechanism.

Tub style containers. These containers have distinct tapered sidewalls for easy dumping of waste. They are usually used to haul heavy-duty scrap produced by the construction and demolition industry, such as concrete blocks.

Sealed and sludge style containers. A standard sealed container is similar to the roll-off box, whereas the sludge style is suited for heavy-duty and dense applications. The sealed tailgate with slider hinges ensures all material stays in the container for secure hauling. Since they ensure zero leakage, they are also ideal for hauling toxic or hazardous waste.