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Main Content Environmental Protection Board Rules

Environmental Protection Board Rules pertaining to Hazardous Materials may be found at EPB Rule 7.

Small Business Technical Assistance

In 1989 the City contacted 4,800 businesses whose federal tax code indicated they were potential generators of hazardous waste. The following year, the number was improved down to about 2,248. Over the past six years the number of confirmed generators has dropped to about 1,400 while the total locally issued business licenses have remained constant at about 22,000.

Due to the transitory nature of a number of small businesses there are possibly up to 400 sites not in the inventory during any one year. Even so the number of small quantity generators has decreased as a result of business operators becoming aware of the risk and costs associated with hazardous materials and hazardous wastes.

As part of our inventory and assessment program, we provide educational materials in ways to avoid, minimize or otherwise manage wastes to the economic and social advantage of the businesses. We have conducted more than 2500 of these staff assistance visits during the past three years. The program is one of the oldest and most visible elements of the Division's Waste Reduction Assistance (Pollution Prevention) Program. During the coming years P2 will conduct training and workshops for categories of industries to assist them in the management of their wastes.

Emergency Response

Jacksonville averages more than 300 incidents per year requiring some form of response to release of hazardous materials into the environment. Our objective is to respond onsite within 45 minutes of any event to minimize risk to public health, safety, property and the environment in which we live. Approximately half the incidents are transportation-related (vehicular accidents) and half involve petroleum as the contaminant released.


Jacksonville's Superfund Sites and Dumps

Jacksonville is home to seven EPA Superfund sites.