CIPP - Cured-In-Place Piping: A process through which a resin-saturated tube is placed into an existing sewer line. Water is then sent into the line containing the tube. The water pressure causes the tube to turn inside-out, propelling it down the existing sewer line and forming it to the shape of the existing pipe. The heat-sensitive resin is now on the outer wall of the tube and inner wall of the existing line. In the final step, hot water is circulated throughout the existing line, causing the resin to cure. The result is a new, structurally-sound, tight-fitting, 'pipe-within-a-pipe.'

Direct Discharge – The discharge of treated reclaimed water or untreated wastewater directly to the waters of the state.

Emergency - Conditions causing danger or severe inconvenience to health and safety, including contamination, severe water shortages, major breakdowns or threats of war or weather disaster.

Environmental Protection Agency or EPA – The United States Environmental Protection Agency and, where appropriate, the administrator or other duly authorized official of the EPA..

Force Main - A pressurized pipe that carries sewage under pressure from lower to higher elevations.

Full Service User – A user who benefits from all JEA wastewater services and discharges into a 21 inch sewer or smaller.

Gravity Sewer - The pipe that carries sewer from a higher point to lower point in the ground.

Individual Water Supply – A well or other source of water, and pump and piping if any, located on the premises served, for supplying only a single home or family or commercial or industrial establishment.

Pipebursting - A technique that allows replacement of underground pipe with minimal disruption to the surrounding community and environment. As the pipe bursting tool travels through the existing line (host pipe), it effectively burst the old line, displacing the fragments into the surrounding soil while simultaneously pulling in the new product pipe.

Potable Water - Chlorinated drinking water.

Public Health Officer - The Public Health Officer of the city, or his authorized deputy, agent or representative.

Public Sewer – A sewer in which all owners of abutting properties have equal rights and which is controlled by public authority.

Pump Station – A facility that creates pressure within the system so that material can be transported from a lower elevation to a higher elevation in the ground.

Raw Water - Untreated water from the Floridan Aquifer that has not been treated by JEA water plants.

Reclaimed Water - Highly treated wastewater for use in selected irrigation and industrial processes. It is not intended for drinking or recreational purposes, but it does help reduce the demand on the Florida Aquifer.

Sanitary Sewer - A sewer that carries sewage and to which storm, surface and ground waters are not intentionally admitted.

Sanitary Wastewater – any superfluous solid, liquid or gases material principally from the use of sanitary conveniences of residences (including apartments and hotels), office buildings industrial plants, or institutions.

Sewage – A combination of the water-carried wastes from residences, business buildings, institutions and industrial establishments, together with the ground, surface and storm waters that may be present.

Sewerage System – All facilities for collecting, pumping, treating and disposing of sewage.

Storm Drain and Storm Sewer – A sewer that carries storm and surface waters and drainage but excludes sewage and industrial wastes, other than unpolluted cooling water.

Waste – Includes sewage and all other waste substances, liquid, solid, gaseous or radioactive, associated with human habitation, of human or animal origin or from any producing, manufacturing or processing operation of whatever nature, including waste placed within containers of whatever nature prior to and for purposes of disposal.

Wastewater – Waste and water, whether treated or untreated, discharged into or permitted to enter a publicly owned treatment works.

Waters of the State – Any water, surface or underground, within the boundaries of the state.

Water Main - The pipe that carries potable water and provides fire protection.

Water System – All facilities for producing, treating and distributing water, except wells not exceeding two inches in diameter.