Mechanic working on equipment.The Administrative Services Division oversees the purchase of uniforms, supplies, fire equipment and other items necessary to keep the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department in operation. In addition, the division is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of all fire and rescue apparatus, as well as the department's 58 fire stations. In the last decade, Administrative Services has overseen the replacement or remodeling of more than 35 fire stations, construction of several new fire stations and basic repairs or improvements to several others.

Administrative Services also keeps JFRD's apparatus ready to respond. This includes maintenance on fire engines, rescue units, ladder trucks, water tanker trucks and other apparatus, such as fire boats. The division's efforts to purchase better quality equipment has resulted in reducing repair costs and turn-around time. These repairs can occur at fire stations, at the scene of an emergency or at Administrative Services' 38,000-square-foot Tactical Support Facility, which also doubles as storage for firefighting supplies and equipment such as fire retardant foam, fire hose, hot sticks and electrical generators.