The following meetings are scheduled for the Pension Board of Trustees/Investment Managers, the Pension Advisory Committee, and the Correctional Officers Pension Advisory Committee.  All meetings are held at 2 PM at City Hall in Conference Room 3C on the Third Floor unless otherwise noted.

Pension Advisory Committee (PAC), Pension Board of Trustees (BOT), Correctional Officers Pension Advisory Committee (COPAC), Defined Contribution Plan Advisory Committee (DCPAC), DC Disability and Survivorship Panel (DSP)

4/7/2020 - COPAC (CANCELLED)
4/8/2020 - PAC: Notice, Agenda
4/23/2020 - BOT: Notice, Agenda and Material 
5/5/2020 - COPAC (CANCELLED)
5/13/2020 - PAC: (CANCELLED)
5/14/2020 - BOT: Notice, Agenda and Material 
5/28/2020 - BOT: Notice, Agenda and Material 
6/10/2020 - PAC: Notice, Agenda and Material 
6/18/2020 - DC PAC: Notice
6/23/2020 - DC DSP: Notice
6/25/2020 - BOT: Notice, Agenda and Material 
7/7/2020 - COPAC: Notice
7/8/2020 - PAC: Notice
7/23/2020 - BOT: Notice, Agenda and Material 
8/4//2020 - COPAC: Notice
8/12/2020 - PAC: Notice, Agenda and Material 
8/27/2020 - BOT Notice, Agenda and Material

Updates to meeting information will be published here.  CLICK MEETING LINKS ABOVE FOR AVAILABLE ACCESS INFORMATION.

Public comments for the meeting can be sent to The title of the e-mail should say "PUBLIC COMMENT" and reference the meeting and meeting date.  Comments must be relevant and received by Noon the business day prior to the meeting.

Approved minutes can be requested through the Pension Office for recently completed meetings.