Beginning in January of 2018 all renewing JSEB vendors will be required to attend one of the free business skills continuing education opportunities provided by the JSEB office. This two night course must be attended by the qualifying owner. If qualifying owner does not attend it will not be counted toward your renewal requirement. Please bring photo id to sign in. In addition anyone arriving more than 15 minutes late to either the 1st or 2nd night of the required course will not receive credit for attending and will have to take another course. You must remain both nights for the entire class, which is 6pm-8pm to receive your certificate for recertification.

The technical courses such as OSHA and First Aid and CPR can be attended by the owner and verified full-time employees of the company.

As of January 1, 2018 only JSEB provided business education training courses will be accepted for renewal of your JSEB certification.

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Please note that the ordinance code requires JSEBs to attend one or more training and education courses in a twelve month period and provide evidence of the courses attended in order to maintain your certification.  Only courses offered through the JSEB training program will be used to meet this requirement.