The Public Service Grant Program (PSG) contracts with non-profit agencies to equip residents with necessary tools to facilitate their well being through intervention, education and opportunity. The selection process of PSG awards is outlined below in Chapter 118.806 and evaluated by the Public Service Grant Council for more information on the Public Service Grant Council, click here.

Public Service Grant Application-Due July 1st of each year 

FY 2021 PSG Area of Focus (City Council Ordinance 2020-218)
  • Priority Need A: Acute (35% of PSG Award)
  • Priority Need B: Prevention & Diversion (40% of PSG Award)
  • Priority Need C: Self-Sufficiency and Stability (25% of PSG Award)
Visit the Public Service Grant On-Line Application website  FY 2021 Public Service Grant Application and Required Documents must be submitted according to Chapter 118

Council Auditor's Non-Compliance List as of April 8, 2020. An agency on this list shall be ineligible to apply for or receive a City Grant pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 118.503 

Please contract John Snyder at 255-8202 or at if you are a PSG Applicant and need to know if you have been on this list the last three years or if you would like a Courtesy Review of your PSG Application.  If you would like to know about the contractual requirements please contact John Snyder (see above) 

FY 2021 Public Service Grant Application Training

Workshop Dates will be a Zoom Teleconference at the following times; 
• Thursday, May 21st at 2:00 PM
• Thursday, May 28th at 2:00 PM
• Tuesday, June 9th at 10:00 AM

Applicants must register on Zoom before the training begins.  Please contact  John Snyder at if you would like a calendar invite with the login details.  

You must attend and complete one workshop in order to get your required Mandatory Application Workshop certificate, which must be uploaded with your application submission.  An e-mail with the Workshop Certificate will be sent out after each workshop.  You do not need to attend all workshops; however, your agency must attend at least one workshop.  Last year, these trainings were well attended by close to 120 individuals representing 64 agencies.  

The training handouts are below; Please contact John Snyder ( or 904-255-8202 if you would like the presentation or audio recordings from the training.

2020-2021 PSG Human Services Framework Continuum (City Council Ordinance 2020-0218)
  • Priority Need A: Acute (35%)
    Services focused on adult individuals and/or families experiencing a difficult or dangerous situation which requires prompt action to avoid further deterioration of their health, safety, or welfare.
  • Priority Need B: Prevention and Diversion (40%)
    Services focused on preventing negative changes to the health, safety, and welfare of adult individuals and/or families; or services designed to divert adult individuals and/or families who have experienced negative changes to their health, safety, or welfare from experiencing further deterioration.  
  • Priority Need C: Self-Sufficiency and Stability (25%)
    Services focused on helping adult individuals and/or families work toward needing no assistance to satisfy their health, safety, and welfare; or services focused on helping adult individuals and/or families work towards a stable level of assistance needed on an ongoing basis. 

FY 2020 Public Service Grant  Awardee Training

Ordinance Chapter 118 part 8 
Please use the above link for Ordinance as legislation can change below is as of 2017-0317

Public Service Grant Applicant Requirements (see Chapter 118.805) ​

(a) Certain Programs Ineligible. A requesting agency’s program shall be ineligible to receive a Public Service Grant if the requesting agency’s program receives funding through another City program, including but not limited to, the programs listed below:

(1) Cultural Service Grant Program pursuant to Chapter 118, Part 6;
(2) Arts in Public Places Program pursuant to Chapter 126, Part 9;
(3) Kids Hope Alliance Programs pursuant to Chapter 77;
(4) Downtown Investment Authority and Office of Economic Development Programs pursuant to Chapter 55, Parts 1-3 and chapter 26;
(5) Housing and Community Development Division programs pursuant to Chapter 30, Part 7;
(6) Social Services Division programs pursuant to Chapter 28, Part 5;

(b) Eligibility Documents. Notwithstanding the prohibition in subsection (a) above, a requesting agency shall include the following eligibility documents listed in subsections (1)-(5) below (collectively, the “Eligibility Documents”) in its Public Service Grant application submittal. If a requesting agency fails to include the Eligibility Documents in the form and manner prescribed below, the requesting agency shall be ineligible to apply for a Public Service Grant and such requesting agency’s application shall not be reviewed and evaluated by the PSG Council. The Eligibility Documents are as follows:
(1) A copy of a good standing certificate issued by the Florida Division of Corporations evidencing that the requesting agency is in good standing and has been in existence for three (3) years prior to the Public Service Grant application deadline. The certificate must be dated within 60 days of the grant application deadline and list the requesting agency as a Florida non-profit corporation;
(2) A copy of the requesting agency’s current Charitable Solicitation Permit issued by the State of Florida evidencing that the requesting agency is current on state charitable permitting fees;
(3) Copies of the requesting agency’s completed and filed federal tax returns for the last three (3) tax years;
(4) A copy of the completed Mandatory Application Workshop certificate issued by the Grants Administrator evidencing the requesting agency’s compliance with the Mandatory Application Workshop pursuant to Section 118.803 herein; and
(5) An original affidavit, in the form provided by the Office of General Counsel, executed by the requesting agency’s executive director, chief executive or operating officer, president, vice president or board chairman certifying that:
(i) The requesting agency’s program will be operated in Duval County and serve the people of the City;
(ii) The requesting agency’s program will serve a Priority Population or Priority Need designated by the City Council for the grant application cycle in which the requesting agency is applying for;
(iii) The requesting agency’s program is not eligible to receive funding from any of the City programs listed in Section 118.805(a)
(iv) The requesting agency’s appropriation request for multiple or single programs does not exceed in the aggregate 24 percent of the requesting agency’s annual revenue (as shown on filed tax returns) averaged over the previous three tax years;
(v) The requesting agency is in compliance with the terms of all existing City agreements in which the requesting agency is a party; and
(vi) The requesting agency is in compliance with all applicable federal, state, local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances, as the same may exist and may be amended from time to time.

Public Service Grant Application requirements (118.806)    

(a) Application Deadline. A requesting agency may submit a Public Service Grant application after the date that the City Council establishes the Priority Populations pursuant to this Part but no later than July 1st of each fiscal year. Applications may be submitted in person or electronically as prescribed by the Grants Administrator. 

(b) Application Contents. Each application for a Public Service Grant submitted by a requesting agency pursuant to this Part shall contain the following information:
(1) The Eligibility Documents pursuant to Section 118.805 herein.
(2) A Cover Page containing the following information:
(i) Name of the requesting agency;
(ii) Name of the Program;
(iii) The Priority Population or Priority Need that the Program will serve;
(iv) Amount of the Appropriation Request;
(v) The Fiscal Year that the requesting agency is submitting an appropriation request for;
(vi) The following certification executed (electronically or manually) by the executive director, chief executive or
operating officer, president, vice president or board chairman in the form below:
“I, Print Name/Title, hereby certify that the information and representations contained in this Fiscal Year Public Service Grant application is true and correct.” By:  Print Name/Title Date: Month/Day/Year

(3) A section entitled “Agency Background and Experience” containing a description of the agency’s board (number of members,
length of service of each member, and professional experience of each member), executive staff (e.g. executive director, chief
executive or operating officer, chief financial officer), and the agency’s experience in the community and accomplishments. 
This section may without limitation describe the agency’s mission, future plans, major programs, licensure, certification or
accreditation (maximum 3 pages).
(4) A section entitled “Program Overview” containing a description of the program and how the program will assist the Priority
Population or Priority Need. This section may include without limitation partnerships with other programs or agencies as
applicable. (maximum 3 pages).
(5) A section entitled “Program Activities” containing a list of all activities that the program will offer or provide and a brief
description of each activity (maximum 1 pages).
(6) A section entitled “Program Management and General Overhead” containing a description of the management and staff
positions that will be needed to successfully operate the program and the general overhead of the agency. This section may
include without limitation potential fundraising capacity, plan, strategy and funding partners for the program as well as how the
program will be sustained in future years (maximum 3 pages).
(7) A section entitled “Operating Budget and Budget Narrative” which lists all line item expenses and revenues to operate the
program during the fiscal year and contains a brief description of each line item expense. The expenses and revenues must
balance (maximum 2 pages, not including the approved form).
(8) A section entitled “Program Impact and Effectiveness” containing a description of: (i) the program’s goals and objectives and
how attainment of the goals and objectives will be measured, (ii) the projected program impact on the Priority Population or
Priority Need and the anticipated number of people to be served by the program; and (iii) a listing of each noncompliance
incident within the past three (3) years that has resulted in the requesting agency being placed on the Council Auditor’s Chapter
118 noncompliance list. Such list shall set forth with respect to each noncompliance incident: (a) the noncompliance dates (e.g.,
the start date and end date), and (b) an explanation for the noncompliance (maximum 4 pages, not including the information
required in subsection (iii) above).

(c) Application Format. The application shall have 1 inch margins and contain no more than sixteen (16) single-sided double-spaced
8½” by 11” pages. The font style shall be Times New Roman or Arial with a minimum font size of 11 points and a maximum font
size of 12. The Cover Page and Eligibility Documents will not be counted as part of the 15-page limit. The Eligibility documents
may be included as appendices. The PSG Council may formulate a form application consistent with the requirements of this Part,
provided that the PSG Council may not add to or remove any of the application contents prescribed in subsection (b) above without
the City Council approval.

(d) Interviews. The PSG Council may, in its sole discretion, conduct interviews of requesting agencies in a priority population regarding
their respective Public Service Grant applications. If the PSG Council elects to interview one requesting agency in a priority
population, the PSG Council shall also interview the other requesting agencies in said priority population. Any interviews conducted
by the PSG Council pursuant to this section shall be after the grant application deadline but prior to October 1st. The PSG Council
shall notify the requesting agency of the place and time of the interviews. Such interviews shall be conducted in the sunshine and for
the sole purpose of the requesting agency verbally explaining, clarifying or justifying to the PSG Council any information contained
in the requesting agency’s application. A requesting agency shall not add any new written information or materials to its application,
or present any new written information or materials to the PSG Council regarding its application, during such interviews.

(e) Certain Communications Prohibited During the Application Scoring Period. During the Application Scoring Period, a requesting agency shall be prohibited from communicating with Public Service Grant Council members, the Grants Administrator, and other public service grant involved City employees regarding an application submitted by such agency pursuant to this Section. For purposes of this Section, the "Application Scoring Period" shall mean the period each fiscal year commencing on the day immediately following the Public Service Grant application deadline in Section 118.806 and ending on the day that the Grants Administrator has received the scoring for all eligible applications pursuant to Section 118.807. This prohibition also includes communications by a requesting agency with the City's Office of General Counsel unless the Grants Administrator has authorized such communications in advance. This prohibition shall not apply to the following communications: 

            i. Communications to the Grants Administrator regarding matters of process or procedure contained in Chapter 118, Ordinance Code, including, but not limited to, the grant appeals procedure in Section 118.810; 

           ii. Communications during any publicly noticed meeting under Chapter 286, Florida Statutes, including, but not limited to, Public Service Grant Council meetings and subcommittee meetings; and 

          iii. Communications that are necessary and solely related to the ordinary course of business concerning a requesting agency's existing Public Service Grant contract(s). 

(f) Disqualification; Notification. If a requesting agency’s application fails to include the items and section headings specified in
Sections 118.806 (b)(1) through 118.806(b)(8)(i)-(ii) above, such application shall not be considered and reviewed by the PSG
Council. As long as an application contains the required section headings in Sections 118.806(b)(3) through 118.806(b)(8)(i)-(ii)
above, together with some information describing the same, such application shall be deemed to have complied with the requirements
of Sections 118.806(b)(3) through 118.806(b)(8)(i)-(ii). Failure by a requesting agency to provide adequate information under each
required section may result in a lower application score and ranking. 

The PSG Council staff shall notify requesting agencies in writing within three (3) business days of its decision to qualify or disqualify such requesting agency’s application from consideration and review by the PSG Council. Such notice shall specify the reasons for the disqualification and the requesting agency’s right to appeal the decision pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section 118.810. The PSG Council shall be informed by staff of the requesting agencies deemed by staff to be disqualified pursuant to this section at the earliest PSG Council meeting following the staff’s determination.

Prior Awards- please contract John Snyder for funding history at 255-8202 or

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