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Safety and Crime Reduction Commission

Sec. 78.103. - Membership; terms

(a)  The Commission shall be composed of no more than 28 members. Twenty members shall be voting members appointed by the City Council in accordance with the following requirements. Voting members shall be a resident of the City of Jacksonville or have substantial business interests within the City (either employed by a business located in the City or volunteer, affiliate or serve on the board for an organization whose principal place of business is Jacksonville). Voting members shall serve staggered two-year terms, commencing July 1, but shall serve until their successors are appointed and confirmed. Of the initial appointments, ten voting members shall serve for one year terms, and 10 voting members shall serve for two year terms; but appointments to fill vacancies for partial terms (less than 50 percent of a full term) and initial appointments under the preceding sentence for less than two years shall not be deemed to be full terms. No voting member shall serve more than two full consecutive terms. Voting members appointed pursuant to this paragraph (a) shall serve at the pleasure of the Council and may be removed at any time by the Council.

(b) Additionally, two City Council Members shall be appointed each year by the Council President as liaisons, and shall also be non-voting members. The term for the City Council member shall be a one-year term, but the Council President may appoint a City Council member for an additional consecutive one-year term.
(c) Six additional members shall be non-voting liaison members and designated as follows:
(1) A representative from the Mayor's Office;
(2) A representative from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office;
(3) A representative from the State Attorney's Office;
(4) A representative from the Public Defender's Office;
(5) A representative from the Kid's Hope Alliance; and
(6) A representative from the Duval County Public Schools.
Liaisons shall be designated by their organization to serve either annually or for two-year increments. The Council President may appoint additional members annually to serve as non-voting liaisons such as youth representatives, victim advocate representatives or other persons with subject matter expertise that can assist the Commission.

Commission Members:

Name Category Term End Date
Mark Griffin, Chair Voting Member 6/30/2020
Shamika Baker Wright Voting Member 6/30/2021
Camille Burban Voting Member 6/30/2020
Lakesha Burton, Liason Jacksonville Sheriff's Office  
Matt Carlucci, Liaison City Council Member 6/30/2020
Josh Cockrell Voting Member 6/30/2021
Larry Cook Voting Member 6/30/2021
Richard Danford Voting Member 6/30/2020
Frank Denton Voting Member 6/30/2020
Tom Geismar Voting Member 6/30/2021
William "WC" Gentry Voting Member 6/30/2020
Ellen Glasser Voting Member 6/30/2021
Shelley Grant Voting Member 6/30/2021
Brandon Griggs Voting Member 6/30/2021
Constance Hall Voting Member 6/30/2021
Donald Horner, Liaison Kid's Hope Alliance  
Linda Joseph Voting Member 6/30/2021
Ronnie King Voting Member 6/30/2020
Rob Mason, Liaison Public Defender's Office  
Charles Moreland, Liaison Mayor's Office  
Sam Newby, Liaison City Council Member 6/30/2020
Stephen Siegel, Liaison State Attorney's Office  
Jackie Simmons, Liaison Duval County Public Schools  
Timothy Sloan Voting Member 6/30/2020
Vicki Waytowich Voting Member 6/30/2021
VACANT Voting Member  
VACANT Voting Member  
VACANT Voting Member