In 1993, after many years in the mental-health services field, Reggie Gaffney recognized the need to address a highly under-served community of disenfranchised people faced with challenges stemming from mental illness, substance abuse as well as HIV/AIDS on Jacksonville's Northside. In response, he and two co-workers established the Community Rehabilitation Center, Inc. (CRC) 28 years ago, which today provides Primary and Behavioral Healthcare as well as social services and economic development opportunities to those faced with employment barriers. He is responsible for the supervision of over 110 employees and an annual operating budget exceeding $3 million.
A graduate of Florida A&M University, Reggie leads not only a successful nonprofit organization but it’s for profit subsidiaries that are currently serving thousands of people in a tri-county area. (Duval, Baker & Nassau)
Reggie Gaffney was appointed by Mayor John Peyton as a member of the Mayor’s Transition Subcommittee for Community Services in 2003. He has been honored by Governor Crist & Governor Scott with appointments to several key board positions such as his 2008 appointment to the Jacksonville Port Authority Board, ultimately serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Councilmember Gaffney has also served on the board of Florida Charter Schools of Excellence. In 2012, he was invited by Senator Marco Rubio to serve as a Member on his Academy Nomination Board. In 2015 Reggie Gaffney was election to serve District 7 as City Councilman. Councilman Gaffney is active in church, with the Jacksonville Chamber and co-founder of the first African GOP Leaders of Tomorrow Club.
Reggie Gaffney is guided by his core values and has been advocating for a special needs population for over 24 years with a strong sense of civic duty, deep and abiding faith and willingness to promote the goodness in humanity.
Councilman Gaffney serves on the Land Use and Zoning Committee, and the Neighborhoods, Community Services, Public Health and Safety Committee. Councilman Gaffney served for the past four years on the Finance Committee, and during his first term in office successfully implemented wide-scale infrastructure upgrades and improvements throughout the district, and has served as a key stakeholder between the City and the community in assisting returning citizens with reintegration into the community.

He looks forward to utilizing his extensive network of bi-partisan elected officials that he has built on a local, state and federal level through his years of advocacy improving the quality of life for the least, to now serve his constituents living within District 7 and the entire Jacksonville community.

Council Member Gaffney may be reached at (904) 255-5207.